Resealable, versatile packaging in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes. Begin your search for the ideal bag for your products.


Our flat ziplock Mylar bags offer a dependable and refillable option for your packaging needs. The zipper offers the opportunity to reuse the pouch even after opening it. Though it is not necessary, you may heat seal the pouch for added security. A few of our flat ziplock bags has an open bottom, which allows for easy filling. After being heat sealed, you can guarantee that the contents of your bag are safe and secure.

If you’re looking for trustworthy pouches to use as packaging bags, travel pouches, electronics pouches, or whatever your heart desires, then browse through our extensive inventory of flat ziplock bags to find yours today!

If you're overwhelmed by our size options, please refer to our handy size chart for a few of our popular sizes and their respective capacities.

Note: Outer dimensions refer to the outside of the bag. The usable space will be smaller due to the heat sealed edges and the ziplock closure.

*Granulated sugar is used as the reference object for powdered product capacities.

**Whole coffee beans are used as the reference object for solid product capacities.


Begin your search by browsing our main collections. Within these collections, you will find bags in different materials, colors, finishes, and more!

Looking for complete barrier to light? Our double-sided bags give a unified and stylish look to your items. Easily write or place your label on either side.

Double Sided

Get a bag that shows what's inside. Different forms of our windowed bags include rectangular windows, round windows, and a complete window on one side.


Need something different? Browse from our large variety of materials from heavy duty aluminum, soft polyethylene or natural kraft paper.

More Materials

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