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Matte Rose/Clear Front Mylar Foil Open Top Bags (100 Bags)


The Matte Rose/Clear Front Mylar Foil Open Top Bag are our most popular form of packaging. Using a unique production method, we created a bag that is matte on one side and clear on the other. Used primarily for creating sample packs, the bags are flexible, smell proof and durable. The exterior of the bags are coated with a glossy layer of foil ions that provides a smell and water proof barrier.

The silver coating finish helps block UV rays that may be harmful to the contents inside. These bags do not have a built in zipper and MUST be heat sealed for effective storage.

SKU: 112-40
  • Color: Clear front, Silver inside, Rose back
  • Material: Foil/Mylar
  • Thickness: 3 Mils
  • *4 cm x 7 cm comes in Pack of 200 Bags