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How To Choose The Best Heat Sealer

June 7, 2016


Not all sealers are made equal!


Can I seal these with an iron or a heat gun? Can I vacuum seal these bags? Can I heat seal or manual seal? On first impression, the general conclusion is that there are many sealing options available for packaging. But do they all produce the same final result? NO!


The different types of sealers provide their own unique finish and the best one to use is highly dependent on the material of the bag, the thickness and personal preference. This thought may be mind boggling but do not worry - this guide will shed some light on some of the most popular sealers and their uses!


Impulse Sealers


Impulse sealers are probably the most well known. They are inexpensive, easy to use and can seal a large variety of bags* (PE, PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, BOPP, BOPET MOPP, OPP, PVC, Cellophane and most laminations). These machines run a timed impulse of electricity through a wire which fuses and seals the bag. The heating process can take anywhere from a fraction of a second to a few seconds, depending on the heat settings and the thickness of the material being sealed. 


Impulse sealers are available as a pedal sealer or a manual sealer. An operator is required at all times during the sealing process for both types of sealer and bags can only be sealed one at a time as a result.

 Manual impulse sealer with heat adjustable knob



The seals of impulse sealers are thin, ranging from hairline thinness to 5mm wide. 


*Standard impulse sealers are NOT GOOD for shrink wrap. If you plan on heat sealing shrink wrap, make sure you purchase a shrink wrap sealer that has round heating elements as opposed to the usual flat wire. Using a standard impulse sealer requires more heating power and produces ugly seals. 


Because of the portability and simplicity of manual impulse sealers, they are a popular choice for DIY projects or small businesses that package their own products. Mylar foil bags with ziplocks can be sealed above the ziplock for a longer shelf-life.




Constant Heat Sealers