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10 Ways To Reuse Defective Plastic-Based Bags

June 27, 2016


Since it's inception in the 19th century, plastic has been an indispensable part of life and

remains so as growth in the use of plastic has been steady in the past 30 years. This trend, however, isn't in the best interest for the environment since many forms of plastic are non-degradable and take years to decompose.


The usage levels of plastic has begun to garner attention and many states in the US have implemented a fee policy for obtaining plastic bags. Although that is one possible solution to cutting down on plastic waste, what if we also became more efficient users of plastic?


Every now and then, there may be a few defective bags (ziplock came apart, round-bottom gusset is stuck and won't open)  that aren't suitable for your business needs. Instinctively, you dispose of the bag. However, if some thought is given, you may also realize that there many other ways to make the bag work for different needs. Many of our bags are plastic based or coated with plastic properties so we want to share 10 ways they can be reused for other purposes.


1. Donate them to a soup kitchen or homeless shelter

Soup kitchens and homeless shelter can use the bags as a makeshift kitchen organizer for their utensils. 


2. Turn them into art materials

Not all is lost if the bag happens to break. If you have children or artistic tendencies of your own, you can cut the bags into smaller pieces that can be used for projects like mosaic collages. 


3.  Use them as protective sleeves

Do you live in an area with lots of humidity? Do you have a card collection or trinkets that are just sitting around? You can use these bags as protective sleeves to increase the lifespan of these items as they are highly water-resistant and block our moisture. 


4. Create a mini greenhouse

You can tape together the clear plastic part of the bags to create a shield that covers small pots, which produces a greenhouse environment that helps plant sprout. Additionally, you can use them as a protective barrier if early frost is expected.


5. Cover car mirrors in the winter

If the weather calls for snowfall, you can use a bag to shield your car mirror from snow. 


6. Use as an emergency first aid pack