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Double Sided Color Mylar Foil - An Overview

July 29, 2016



How were they produced?


Before these bags were produced, they were only ideas buried deep within our conscience. Mainstream ziplock packaging featured larger pouch sizes and the last thing any packaging company would think of is creating a small travel-sized ziplock bag. However, we noticed that over time we were getting increased numbers of requests for smaller sized bags. So we released our first series of Double Sided Color Mylar Foil bags in black, red and purple.


Growth of the Double Sided Color Mylar Foil bags


 Special fuchsia color that was produced for a few of our customers




The fruits of our effort did not come immediately. Our product had so many niche aspects and was constantly buried by the more popular ziplock packaging supplies. The only model that sold was black. Then one day, our bags were discovered by a posh consultant, who expressed interest in our bags. However, she requested a color that we did not have - fuchsia. From this experience, the game plan was obvious: produce more color options to see what our niche market is. 


As of today, we have also added gold, silver, green and pink to our collection and our customer base for these bags have also expanded from posh consultants to pastry businesses, herbal supplement suppliers and many more. These new additions have further propelled the growth of this family of bags and more colors will be released in the near future.


Product Specifications


  • The Double Sided Color Mylar Foil bags are made of 100% metallised mylar

  • Outer dimension of the bag is 7.5x10cm (3x4")

  • Inner dimensions are 6.5x7cm (2.5x2.75")

  • The bags are capable of holding 25g of powder or 13g of coffee beans or items of equivalent size

  • 3.15 mils thickness, making them durable but not too rigid

  • Resealable ziplock allows the bag to be reused, or the bags can be heat sealed above the ziplock for extra security. 

  • Tear notches at the side allow for easy access after heat sealing


Any other colors that you would like to see in the future? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!


For more information about the product, please check out the listings at http://www.qq-studio.com/flat-bags


Samples available upon request, simply contact us at qq.notifications@gmail.com.







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