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10 Popular Fonts For Packaging

August 12, 2016

Packaging comes in all shapes and sizes but in their raw form, they share an apparent similarity - a lackluster, standalone look. From there, people decide the next steps for their packaging whether adding labels and stickers or having a custom design printed onto the bag. Due to the vast color and text combination available, the design and labeling step is the step that can make or break the appeal of your packaging. Typography goes a long way, so we are going to comment on 10 commonly used fonts in packaging.


1. Pooper Black


Contrary to it's name, Pooper Black is actually a casual, fun looking brushscript font that is easy on the eyes. The font is commonly seen on packaging that you would expect to see in supermarkets and compliments the curving areas of packaging. 


 2. Sneaky


Sneaky is a newer font designed to complement fonts similar to Pooper Black but also great on it's own. Interspersing Sneaky in between Pooper Black is commonly used to create subtle font variations. 




3. Webnar 


Webnar is a clean font very reminiscent of San Serif and looks great in print and on the screen. Ideal for punchy headlines or captions on a package. This font can also be downloaded for free!



4. Fontin


Another very popular free font, Fontin looks clean and is very popular among gourmet food packaging. It's rounded feature and serif elements make for a good font in body copies.