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Packaging Spotlight: Pure Shave Scrub

October 7, 2016


Pure Shave Scrub has big dreams to one day turn their creation into an internationally recognized brand and we are very proud to have been a part of their successful product launch.


What is Pure Shave Scrub?


Pure Shave Scrub is a newly founded brand that offers a unique perspective on shaving. Instead of standard shaving cream, her products are made from granulated sugars and luxurious oils such as Argan, Jojoba and Coconut Oil. 


The natural sugars serve to exfoliate the skin opens clogged pores to reduce recurrence of ingrown hair while the oils help creative a protective, moisturizing barrier during the shave.


Finding the right form of packaging


After having a concrete idea, the next step was to find suitable packaging that would accentuate it's uniqueness. Pure Shave Scrub's creator Jeanette Rodriguez said, ""I searched for months to find the right packaging! It was so important not to package this in a jar because I didn't want customers to think that it was a standard body scrub. My next option was a squeeze tube, but I found that the large sugar granules could not be squeezed through the opening. I realized that I'd need to add chemicals to the formula in order to make this work, and decided that I would rather give up on the project than to go in that direction".


Jeanette then reached out to us about packaging for her shaving scrub and we sent her a variety of samples that are popular with our clients that create individualized packs for body scrubs and lotions. After testing each of the samples, Jeanette deduced that she wanted a thick, resealable foil pouch that allows easy access while preventing water from entering. So we sent her samples of our 8 cm x 12 cm Heavy Duty Silver Aluminum Foil Stand Up Ziplock Bag. Jeanette loved the bags and decided to use them as the raw material for her brand packaging. 

 The backbone of Pure Shave Scrub's bag design, the Heavy Duty Silver Aluminum Foil Stand Up Ziplock Bag 



After receiving confirmation on the bags, Jeanette sent us design ideas and we worked closely with our business partner, OEM Bargain, to refine the design. The end result is a glossy white foil bag with a mastered copy of her design printed onto the bags.


 Pure Shave Scrub's official package for their product


The arrival of Pure Shave Scrub


Pure Shave Scrub officially launched in July 2016 in their Lavender scent and has received remarkable interest from people throughout the major social media platforms. Their first wholesale order came in from a monthly shaving subscription for women with a model similar to Dollar Shave Club. 


Future plans of Pure Shave Scrub


The wide reception of Pure Shave Scrub has encouraged Jeanette to tackle the challenge of convincing people to adhere to a healthier, natural form of shaving. She plans to do more product demonstrations and launch new scents such as Lemon Orange, Coconut Rose and a Sandalwood scent for men.


Jeanette's ultimate goal is to see Pure Shave Scrub in the shaving product aisles of large retailers like Target, Walmart and Wholefoods and she strongly believes that the unique packaging of her product will make this goal a reality. 


Special thanks to Jeanette Rodriguez for sharing Pure Shave Scrub's success story and giving us the opportunity to help her build a unique package for her brand!


To learn more about Pure Shave Scrub, please visit http://www.pureshavescrub.com/